A word search/beat-em-up, find the correct word before the enemy attacks, finding successive correct words will send the enemy flying, allowing you to keep the enemy from attacking, this game is entirely mouse driven.

Entry for Ludem Dare 41 Compo, and its theme: Combine 2 Incompatible Genres

Update 1: Forgot to check "Run in background", pretty important lmao.

Update 2: Added web player version, different resolutions are better supported, fixed animation bug that irked me, fixed allowing the player to click on words while dead.

Update 3:Fixed the ground check for the enemy causing it to attack in the air for incorrect words.

Install instructions

Extract zip file, it will create a folder with the game executable inside, and everything needed to run it.


Super Word Knight.zip 13 MB
Incompatible Genres Unity.zip 73 MB

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